Shikhar Automation: Unlocking Potential, Enhancing Safety: Our Automation Expertise.

Explore our transformative industrial automation projects, spanning machine safety, conveyor systems, automation solutions, pick & place systems, product identification, Safety 4.0, custom software, and energy management. Experience the future of industrial excellence through our diverse and impactful innovations.

  • Enhancing Efficiency
  • Fostering Innovation
  • Elevating Safety
  • Delivering Excellence

Industrial process automation

Tailored to diverse industries, our end-to-end automation solutions enhance operational efficiency, delivering innovation and reliability at every stage.

Energy Management System

We specialize in designing and implementing energy management systems, contributing to enhanced sustainability and operational efficiency in industrial settings.

Industry grade software systems

Our services extend to bespoke software solutions and programming, optimizing automation systems to meet specific client requirements with precision and reliability.

Machine Safety Solutions

We excel in implementing state-of-the-art safety solutions, ensuring the protection of industrial machinery and fostering a secure working environment.

Product Traceability

Implementing advanced product identification systems, we enhance traceability and quality control in production for improved efficiency and reliability.

Pick & Place System

We innovate pick and place systems for precise and efficient product handling, enhancing manufacturing processes with cutting-edge technology.

Conveyor Systems

Our expertise lies in designing and integrating efficient conveyor systems, streamlining material handling and optimizing production workflows.

Industrial 4.0 Safety

the future with Industrial 4.0 safety solutions, we integrate digital technologies to elevate workplace safety and compliance.