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Providing childcare, social care, GCSE support, construction, teaching, first aid, and health safety services for the construction industry.

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It offers various training courses in different areas throughout the UK. They maintain high-quality training by carefully selecting and monitoring providers.

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Become a Nursery Nurse

Becoming a nursery nurse is a rewarding career, working with young children. Nursery nurses are responsible for providing care and education at the Early Years stage helping young people to develop you can earn between £18,000 and £20,000 per year and much more if you progress to the management level.


Become an Assessor

Why you should become a Tutor/Lecturer or in other words an Assessor, the career opportunities are endless – with career advancement in Education, you will develop your skills in communication and problem-solving whilst obtaining huge satisfaction by helping others learn and grow, as for the financial reasons.


Become a Care Manager

Why you should work towards being a care manager in a care home, a domiciliary care agency, or a Supported living scheme, you would positively impact the lives of young people or older adults, or persons with disabilities, and you would be responsible for creating and overseeing individualised care plans, managing a group of caregivers.

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We’ve seen first-hand how online education can light the spark needed for learners to change, grow, and discover new opportunities. Find out how our experienced team of assessors, course advisors and friendly support staff can make us the preferred further education provider for tens of thousands of learners. Construction Help Desk offers online courses with easy booking and payment options, responsive customer service, and dedicated account managers. They provide quality training courses in the UK with personalized attention to find the best solution for customers.Construction Help Desk prioritizes customers and technology for easy training booking. We offer construction knowledge, skills, certifications, and careers.Construction Help Desk offers courses that improve exam results and help acquire industry cards for UK construction jobs, ensuring workers are efficient and confident.

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"Construction Help Desk is the perfect place to discover new opportunities and reach your full potential. Their team of assessors and course advisors are not only knowledgeable, but also friendly and approachable. Their online education platform is easy to navigate and their support staff is always there to assist you. I would highly recommend Marvel Trainings to anyone looking to advance their career or further their education."

Jenny Wilson

"I had the pleasure of taking a course through Construction Help Desk and was blown away by the level of expertise and support provided by their team. From the experienced assessors to the course advisors, everyone was friendly and approachable, making my online learning experience an enjoyable one. I would highly recommend Construction Help Desk to anyone looking to further their education."

William Wright

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